Notes from the Minister – Celebrating Church

On Sunday 24 March this year we set time as a congregation to Celebrate church: in Worship we saw that many people had known different churches the length and breadth of Scotland and as far flung as Malawi and visitors from Australia. In a sense this could have been any Sunday, as barely a Sunday goes by, but we welcome visitors from around the world. Sometimes too we welcome visitors and the good thing is that they are able to stay. All of this is happening to and for us in Kelvinside Hillhead and there is no reason why this should stop.

As part of our Celebrating Church we took time out from our coffee and hot cross buns, to write down what is good about our Church. People recalled significant life events in a congregation of young and old alike and across the generations. And so one lady recalled the memory of her youngest being baptised 52 years ago. Others said they enjoyed the baptisms of older children and adults.

All this is captured in a sanctuary that enlightens our spirits with colour and detail and the illuminating light shining through the stained glass. Young and old described it as a place of calm and tranquility. A place where people’s souls were fed spiritual fruits.

Underpinning all this was the social friendships that we enjoy with one another. Delight at home baking and the opportunity to drink cups of coffee. Examples of people’s skills at making jam and chutney and knitting church mice and more.

But ours is not a church that looks inward- we are here for our community and that may be you. So please do visit – and even come to stay!

Rev Marian Cowie