There are two opportunites to join with others in a series of studies for Lent this year. Rev Dr Roger Sturrock is once more taking us through Lent with a programme of studies, to be delivered via Zoom. Additionally our Joint Sunday Evening Reflections will follow a Lent course. Details of both below.

Lenten Studies – Rev Dr Roger Sturrock

These commence on Thursday March 3rd at 7.30 pm and consist of 5 studies.  It will be based on the writings of CS Lewis with the use of film clips from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Shadowlands. The studies are based on a book by Hilary Brand entitled “Not a Tame Lion”.  If anyone wishes to join please contact Roger by email :

Joint Sunday Evening Reflections 

From 6th March onwards, our joint Sunday Evening reflections will follow the Lent Course “The Room Where it Happens” by Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin. This study is using songs from the musical “Hamilton”.

While the study works without having watched “Hamilton”, as we will watch the songs Bishop Hudson-Wilkin reflects on together, we would like to offer an opportunity to watch the whole musical together. You are hence kindly invited to join us for a screening at Wellington in the library on Friday 4thMarch at 2pm. The musical is about 2:35 hours long so the screening will finish by 5pm. 

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