Many of you have taken advantage of the TerraCycle scheme that allows you to recycle your Tassimo coffee pods by dropping them off in the container in the church carpark for collection.

Sadly, Tassimo are no longer going to be taking part in the scheme, however we’re still collecting pods until our final pick up on 14th December 2021 so please do drop off your pods by then if you’re collecting them at home.

There is information on the Tassimo website on how to continue to recycle your pods using their Podback scheme, and where to take your filled pouches.

Terracyle will still recycle a range of other products that would otherwise go to landfill. You can find out more by clicking on the link and, if you send off your shipment using the downloadable Freepost labels by the 15th December 2021, benefit KH at the same time. TerraCycle are offering us a bonus for packages received by the end of the year as a “thank you” for participation in the scheme.

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