Our Interim Moderator Karen Hendry’s opening reflection for this week is recorded and available to view below.

Karen says “The sun is shining today and there’s no hailstones falling from the sky, unlike yesterday. Our weather just now seems so odd, doesn’t it? It makes me look out and wonder at the sight.

We join the disciples wondering also this morning as they look on the resurrected Jesus. Did they wonder at the sight of him? Did it seem so odd as it does to us, like having hailstones and sun on a spring day?

We, along with those first disciples come to realise that Easter isn’t a one-off event that happened one day and is gone the next but is a way of being present to the signs of wonder in the world around us and taking notice and smiling at the sight to behold.

May your day be full of Easter surprise.I hope that the sun has brightened your world in more ways than one.”

As always, if you would like to join in the service, which includes breaking out into rooms for coffee/tea and chat afterwards, please contact Karen who sends out the link on a weekly basis. All are welcome.

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