Our Interim Moderator Karen Hendry’s opening reflection for this week is recorded and available to view below.

Karen says “I hope that the sun has brightened your world in more ways than one. 

Spring is here and creation is once again responding. There is constancy to be found there.

The human race may be struggling with the scale of challenges we have known before, yet the birds of the field and garden (and the squirrels too – I have an abundance of them lining up on the fence every morning waiting to be fed) are showing us that life continues in all its abundance and calls out to us to open our eyes and take it all in.

I hope the sight of the recent sun and the beauty of the natural world renewing itself again around us brings healing to you.”

As always, if you would like to join in the service, which includes breaking out into rooms for coffee/tea and chat afterwards, please contact Karen who sends out the link on a weekly basis. All are welcome.

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