You shaped me, O God, and you formed me
Like a tender potter at her wheel you caressed me into being,
your creative Spirit channelled into my very soul
Yet, sometimes I don’t want to be the way you moulded me,
I want to be more like someone else,
do something else;
I change my make-up—
I warp your good intentions
and distort what you fashioned well
I become almost unrecognisable,
even to myself
At such times, it is you, my Creator alone,
who still sees me as who I am and to whom I belong,
who sees me as I could be;
Reach out your hands and wrap your gentle fingers around me,
teasing out the bits that have gone hard
reshaping the clay I have distorted,
so I might sit in harmony with myself once again,
ready and able to fulfil my purpose in your world.
Shape me, O Lord, to work for your Kingdom,
form me, O God, in your image.

Fiona Reynolds, Minister, Monifieth Parish Church

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