I find Christmas a very nostalgic time – there are things that stand out in the memory, like wending your way home through gently falling snow after a Christmas Watchnight service with a lovely warm feeling inside – or the annual re and re-reading as a child of Enid Blyton’s Christmas Book, with its wonderful explanation of Yuletide customs and traditions, all within the context of a family life which read then as something cosy and predictable, but not, somehow, ‘twee’! 

The time I cooked the turkey upside down by mistake, which made the breast beautifully moist.  The excitement of the biennial trip to the cousins for Christmas Dinner. Coming home from the midnight service to start mixing the Christmas pudding, then having it steaming gently all the way through to dinner time to make up for it’s not having been made weeks before.  Flickering firelight. 

Close your eyes and just remember – as you listen to ‘Still the night, holy the night’.

This post from Maureen is part of our online “Advent calendar”, taking us through to Christmas. You can see all the posts here.

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