Belmont Church, in Great George Street, was my family church till we united with Hillhead in late 1950. A very fine building which is much ignored, though Laurel Bank School occupied it for a while and looked after it well. In 1914 the suffragettes tried to blow it up, but happily failed!

The minister Alfred Reid, who became first minister of the united congregation, and was our present Treasurer’s father-in-law, wanted during WW2 to have an evening service near Christmas, and of course this was strictly against blackout regulations. However, the windows of the Belmont building are narrow, and a sympathetic ARP  man told him things would be OK if he left off the church lights and used candles.

So a matter of pure pragmatic intent developed into a liturgical tradition, as so often happens. It carried on in Belmont till its closure and continued in our present building thereafter! So far as I know Hillhead district was not razed to the ground as a result.

This post by Ainslie McIntyre, is part of our online “Advent calendar”, taking us through to Christmas. You can see all the posts here.

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