Out on the sea of Gallilee storms raised, the waves rose up with the power of Eagles wings: the storms were noisy. The disciples were afraid, fishermen or not, they may well have suffered from seasickness. There was nothing pleasant for them. This was no sail upon a mill pond. The disciples were truly afraid and perplexed that Jesus was at peace, sleeping with his head on a pillow at the back of the boat. His mind and his body were still.

Be still

Take time to think, it is the source of power
Take time to pray, it is truly a great power
Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul
Take time to give, it is too short a life to be selfish
Take time to love and be loved by God and one another alike.

As the storm raged, Jesus was asleep with his head on a pillow. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, when alongside you is someone whose head hits the pillow and in no time they are asleep. Even to have someone tell you that they have no problem sleeping, when sleep just does just not happen for you. But sometimes a comfortable pillow is what is needed. Jesus was obviously comfortable with his pillow. The disciples were frustrated when they found Jesus asleep when the last thing they could do was sleep: so they woke Jesus. And indeed were amazed when the wind and the waves obeyed him and the storm calmed.

Who is this man who can stay, be still and there was stillness.

Be still

The greatest pleasure of life is love,
The greatest treasure, contentment,
The greatest possession, health
The greatest medicine is a true friend
The greatest ease is sleep

Rev Marian Cowie

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